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Advanced Scientific Research Center

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Latest publications

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2017 09/Aug
Secreted Citrate Serves as Iron Carrier for the Marine Pathogen Photobacterium damselae subsp damselae. Miguel Balado, Beatriz Puentes, Lucía Couceiro, Juan C. Fuentes-Monteverde, Jaime Rodríguez, Carlos R. Osorio, Carlos Jiménez and Manuel L. Lemos. Front. Cell. Infect. Microbiol. 2017, 08 August
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2017 07/Aug
Stereoselective synthesis of 25S,26-dihydroxyvitamin D3. Sigüeiro, R., González-Berdullas, P., Loureiro, J., Mouriño, A., Maestro, M.A.. Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2017 (Article in Press)
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2017 03/Aug
Transcriptome analysis of the thermotolerant yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus CCT 7735 under ethanol stress. Raphael Hermano Santos Diniz, Juan C. Villada, Mariana Caroline Tocantins Alvim, Pedro Marcus Pereira Vidigal, Nívea Moreira Vieira, Mónica Lamas-Maceiras, María Esperanza Cerdán, María-Isabel González-Siso, Petri-Jaan Lahtvee, Wendel Batista da Silveira. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology pp 1–12

Most recent news

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Researchers from the CICA-INIBIC Strategic Partnership receive a prize of "Science in action XVIII", within the modality "Scientific Dissemination Works. Press, Radio and Television "(Cabildo Prize...

Disclosure ScINIBIC
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Researchers at the Microbiology Laboratory of the University of A Coruña Carmen Rioboo and Ángeles Cid have just presented, together with scientists from the Autonomous University of Madrid, a...


Juan Manuel Bermúdez García was awarded the national prize for the best thesis of calorimetry and thermal analysis 2016, awarded by GECAT - RSEQ, and RSEF.

You can check the RSEQ page here


Next events

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14/Sep/2017 Conferences

Conferenciante: Aurora Santos López

Catedrática de Ingeniería Química, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Título: "“Tecnologías Sostenibles de Remediación de Emplazamientos Contaminados: In Situ Chemical 

Oxidation (ISCO)”

Día: jueves, 14/09/2017

Hora: 12:30 h

Lugar: salón de actos del CICA

A los asistentes a la conferencia que lo soliciten se les entregará un certificado de asistencia. Para ello deberán firmar la hoja de asistencia que se habilita el día del evento y solicitarlo posteriormente a indicando su nombre, apellidos, NIF y algún dato que identifique el evento de que se trata.

(Actividad recogida dentro del ciclo de Seminarios impartidos por investigadores invitados a la Agrupación Estratégica CICA- INIBIC)

28/Sep/2017 Conferences

On September 28, 2017, the fifth edition of Science Xpression is celebrated.

The Science Xpression program consists of a series of workshops aimed at graduates, doctoral students and postdoctoral students.

These workshops aim to improve oral and written communication skills in the scientific field and in any area of ​​research.

The Conference session will take place on September 28 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the CICA Assembly Hall (A Coruña).

In the link you can access the poster where you specify the different talks that will take place.

Recent videos

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