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List 331.236 1577x887 toc
2019 18/Jun
Subcellular Duplex DNA and G‐Quadruplex Interaction Profiling of a Hexagonal PtII Metallacycle. Olaya Domarco, Claudia Kieler, Christine Pirker, Carina Dinhof, Bernhard Englinger, Johannes M. Reisecker, Gerald Timelthaler, Marcos D. García, Carlos Peinador, Bernhard K. Keppler, Walter Berger and Alessio Terenzi. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition, 2019, 58, 8007-8012
QUIMOLMAT Impact factor: 12.102 Q1
List 118.41 580x326 d1
2019 16/Jun
Anti-Inflammatory Effects of 5α,8α-Epidioxycholest-6-en-3β-ol, a Steroidal Endoperoxide Isolated from Aplysia depilans, Based on Bioguided Fractionation and NMR Analysis. Renato B. Pereira, David M. Pereira, Carlos Jiménez, Jaime Rodríguez, Rosa M. Nieto, Romeu A. Videira, Olga Silva, Paula B. Andrade and Patrícia Valentão. Marine Drugs 2019, 17(6), 330
QUIMOLMAT Impact factor: 4.379 Q1
List 332.158 1127x634 react
2019 14/Jun
Phosphate and polyphosphate anion recognition by a dinuclear copper(ii) complex of an unsymmetrical squaramide. Catarina V. Esteves, Judite Costa, David Esteban-Gómez, Pedro Lamosa, Hélène Bernard, Carlos Platas-Iglesias, Raphäel Tripier and Rita Delgado. Dalton Trans., 2019
REACT! Impact factor: 4.099 Q1
List 174.32 621x349 revista
2019 11/Jun
Combined assisted extraction techniques as green sample pre-treatments in food analysis. Jorge Moreda-Piñeiro & Antonio Moreda-Piñeiro. TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry Vol. 118, September 2019, pp. 1-18
QANAP Impact factor: 2.13 Q1
List 226.97 621x349 bones
2019 10/Jun
Three-dimensional bone evaluation after surgical treatment with plasma rich in growth factors of Medication Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (MRONJ): A report of 3 cases. Simón Pardiñas López, Oreste Iocca and Ismael Khouly. Bone Reports 10, 2019 June
ScINIBIC Impact factor: 0.67 Q2
List 115.22 477x268 1 s2.0 s135223101930384x fx1
2019 05/Jun
Oral bioavailability estimation of toxic and essential trace elements in PM10. Jorge Moreda–Piñeiro, Lucía Dans-Sánchez, Joel Sánchez-Piñero, Isabel Turnes-Carou, Soledad Muniategui-Lorenzo & Purificación López-Mahía. Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 213, 15 September 2019, pp. 104-115
QANAP Impact factor: 3.708 Q1
List 289.212 333x187 react rapido
2019 04/Jun
endo- versus exo-Cyclic coordination in copper complexes with methylthiazolylcarboxylate tacn derivatives. Amaury Guillou, Luís M. P. Lima, David Esteban-Gómez, Rita Delgado, Carlos Platas-Iglesias, Véronique Patinec and Raphaël Tripier. Dalton Transactions, 2019
REACT! Impact factor: 4.099 Q1
List 0.3 959x539 pic
2019 22/May
Synthesis, Characterization, Molecular Docking, and AnticancerEvaluation of 4-Thiazolidinone Analogues. Md Mushtaque, Fernando Avecilla, Zubair Bin Hafeez, & Mohammad Moshahid A. Rizvi. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry (2019)
XENOMAR Impact factor: 1.141 Q3
List 178.46 696x392 pic 2
2019 20/May
Influence of electron acceptors on hexanoic acid production by Clostridium kluyveri. P. San-Valero, Á. Fernández-Naveira, M. C. Veiga, & C. Kennes. Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 242 (2019) 515-521
BIOENGIN Impact factor: 4.005 Q1
List 269.201 841x473 elena
2019 10/May
A Bio-inspired Hypoxia Sensor using HIF1a-Oxygen-Dependent Degradation Domain. Pablo Iglesias, Cristina Penas, Laura Barral-Cagiao, Elena Pazos & Jose A. Costoya . Scientific Reports (2019) 9:7117
QUIMOLMAT Impact factor: 4.122 Q1