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2017 21/Sep
Propanolysis of arenesulfonyl chlorides: Nucleophilic substitution at sulfonyl sulfur. Iazykov, M., Canle, M., Santaballa, J.A., Rublova, L.. Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry 2017
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2017 04/Sep
Effects of the substituents of pyrazole/thiazine ligands on the magnetic properties of chloro-bridged Cu(II) complexes. Regina de Fátima Peralta Muniz Moreiras, Eduardo Humeres, Carolina Berger, M.Isabel Fernández, J.A.Santaballa. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 2017, 174, 261-268
List 0.13 813x457 otro
2017 22/Aug
Tuning the copper(II) coordination properties of cyclam by subtle chemical modifications. Nathalie Camusa, Nathalie Le Brisa, Selbi Nuryyev, Matthieu Chesséb, David Esteban-Gómez, Carlos Platas-Iglesias, Raphaël Tripier, Mourad Elhabiri. Dalton Trans., 2017, 46, 11479-11490
List 56.15 779x438 otrootro
2017 22/Aug
The role of the capping bond effect on pyclen natY3+/90Y3+ chelates: full control of the regiospecific N-functionalization makes the difference. Mariane Le Fur, Maryline Beyler, Enikő Molnár, Olivier Fougère, David Esteban-Gómez, Gyula Tircsó,Carlos Platas-Iglesias, Nicolas Lepareur, Olivier Rousseaux, Raphaël Tripier. Chem. Commun., 2017,53, 9534-9537
List 64.13 427x240 moises ses
2017 30/Jul
Reactive Site Model of the Reduction of SO2 on Graphite. Eduardo Humeres, Nito Angelo Debacher, Regina de F. P. M. Moreira, J. Arturo Santaballa, Moisés Canle. J. Phys. Chem. C, 2017, 121, 14649–14657
List 53.54 853x479 pruebapiloto
2017 24/Jul
Photocatalyzed degradation/abatement of endocrine disruptors. Canle, M., Fernández Pérez, M.I., Santaballa, J.A.. Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry, 2017, 6, 101-138
List 6.52 1154x649 moises
2017 24/Jul
Effect of the calcination temperature on the photocatalytic efficiency of acidic sol–gel synthesized TiO2 nanoparticles in the degradation of alprazolam . Andreia Romeiro, Diana Freitas, M. Emília Azenha, Moisés Canleb , Hugh D. Burrows . Photochem. Photobiol. Sci., 2017,16, 935-945
List 44.0 423x237 ic 2017 00441q 0011
2017 23/Jun
Spectrally Undiscerned Isomers Might Lead to Erroneous Determination of Water Exchange Rates of paraCEST Eu(III) Agents. Nevenka Cakić, Ben Tickner, Moritz Zaiss, David Esteban-Gómez, Carlos Platas-Iglesias, and Goran Angelovski. Inorg. Chem. 2017, 56, 7737–7745
List 137.94 353x199 foto
2017 22/Jun
Recognition of phosphopeptides by a dinuclear copper(II) macrocyclic complex in a water : methanol 50 : 50 v/v solution. Lígia M. Mesquita, Pedro Mateus, Rui D. V. Fernandes, Olga Iranzo, Vânia André, Filipe Tiago de Oliveira, Carlos Platas-Iglesias and Rita Delgado. Dalton trans. [1477-9226] Año:2017 vol.:46 iss:29 pág.:9549 -9564
List 0.22 863x485 moises
2017 17/Jun
Photocatalytic activity of mont-La (6%)-Cu0.6Cd0.4S catalyst for phenol degradation under near UV visible light irradiation. Boukhatem, H.; Khalaf, H.;Djouadi, L. ;Gonzalez, F. V.;Navarro, R. M.; Santaballa, J.A.; Canle, M.. Applied Catalysis B-Environmental, 2017 211, 114-125