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Dentro del ciclo de Seminarios impartidos por investigadores invitados en el CICA, el lunes 28 de noviembre a las 12:30 h en el salón de actos, el Dr. Andreas K. Gombert, profesor asociado de la Universidad Estatal de Campinas - Brasil (Bioprocess & Metabolic Engineering Lab (LEMeB), Director at Unicamp of the Ph.D. program in Bioenergy) impartirá una conferencia sobre "Improving the yeast-based biorefinery". 

Resumen de la conferencia:
"Different kinds of biomass can be converted in biorefineries into commercially valuable products. Although environmentally much more friendly than traditional petroleum-based refineries, the latter industry still dominates the markets, mainly because of economic reasons. Thus, a key goal in our present world is to improve bioprocesses, so that they become economically competitive. In Brazil, sugar-cane has been the preferred bioenergy crop, due to favorable climate and soil, and because of the high productivities achieved in the fields. In this talk, some alternatives to improve the conversion of sugar-cane-based raw materials (molasses, juice and bagasse) into fuel ethanol and other products will be discussed. Focus will be given on four lines of research: the use of thermotolerant yeast to achieve high-temperature ethanolic fermentations; the modulation of free-energy conservation in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae; the exploration of Brazilian yeast biodiversity for industrially relevant phenotypes; and the physiology of S. cerevisiae under anaerobic conditions."

Andreas K. Gombert es doctor en Ingeniería Química por la Universidade de São Paulo, USP, Brasil. 

A los asistentes a la conferencia que lo soliciten se les entregará un certificado de asistencia.

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