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Organiza: Grupo de Agua y Suelo (Aquasol)

Impartida por: Dr. Rao Martand Singh, profesor del Departamento de Ingeniería Civil y Medioambiental de la Universidad de Surrey (UK)

Lugar: Salón de actos del CICA

Fecha y hora: 9 de marzo de 2016 a las 11:30 h

Aforo limitado. Comunicar asistencia a hasta el 08/03/2016 a las 12.00 h.

Geothermal energy piles also known as thermal piles or energy foundations or energy piles are a direct adoption of vertical borehole closed loop ground source heat pump (GSHP) technology into pile foundations where closed heat exchanging loops are installed within the pile. Energy piles have great potential of improving energy efficiency of a new building resting on pile foundation by using ground as heat source/sink to provide space heating/cooling to built structures. Energy pile foundations of a building are being used as heat source during the winter to keep the building warm and heat sink during the summer to keep the building cool. Recently, the use of thermal piles especially in European countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany and UK, has increased significantly as European Union is committed to reduce greenhouse gas emission to 20% below 1990 levels by 2020 as set out in the Kyoto Protocol. However, while construction of thermal piles is increasing limited investigation of their thermodynamic and geotechnical aspect is available to date. A field scale geothermal energy pile equipped with ground loops for heating/cooling was installed at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Strain gauges, thermistors, load cells and displacement transducer were also installed to study the behaviour of the energy pile during the thermal and mechanical loading. Thermal behaviour of the surrounding soils was also examined during the heating and cooling cycles of the energy pile. The talk is going to explain this emerging technology and will present the results and major outcomes of the field study carried out in Australia.