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Ángel Vizoso Vázquez, from EXPRELA group, collaborates with the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm in the development of new antimicrobial strategies

17/Jul/2019 Research EXPRELA
Ángel Vizoso Vázquez, PhD by the UDC and member of the EXPRELA group, after a post-doctoral stay at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, collaborates with the center in a research for the development of new antimicrobial strategies based on blocking the synthesis route of the teicoic acids. 

These compounds are glycopolymers anchored to the membrane or cell wall of Gram + bacteria that are considered key in bacterial viability during cell division, pathogenesis, resistance to antibiotics and in immune evasion. Ángel Vizoso participates in the structural studies (by X-ray crystallography and NMR) and biophysical studies (CD, DSC, ITC, etc.) of several enzymes of the biosynthesis pathway of these compounds. The results will allow the development of an effective vaccine in the future.

It also projects the isolation and production of several non-immunoglobulin protein nano-scaffolds that act as antibiotics capable of blocking the synthesis of teichoic acids and their incorporation into the extracellular space, thus preventing the development of the infectious process.

On the other hand, he collaborates in several projects related to the development of new anticancer strategies based on gene therapy, currently in pre-clinical phase I.