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Artículos publicados

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List 0.34 339x190 1 s2.0 s2213343718300836 gr2
2018 01/abr
Simulated sunlight photodegradation of 2-mercaptobenzothiazole by heterogeneous photo-Fenton using a natural clay powder. Z. Redouane-Salah, M. A. Malouki, B. Khennaoui, J. A. Santaballa, M. Canle. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2018, Pages 1783-1793
List 93.60 921x518 prueba 3
2018 01/abr
Production of acids and alcohols from syngas in a two-stage continuous fermentation process. Haris Nalakath Abubackar, María C. Veiga, Christian Kennes. Bioresource Technology. Volume 253, April 2018, Pages 227-234
List 122.3 876x493 prueba2
2018 10/mar
Peruvioses A to F, sucrose esters from the exudate of Physalis peruviana fruit as α-amylase inhibitors. Carlos-A. Bernal, Leonardo Castellanos, Diana M. Aragón, Diana Martínez-Matamoros, Carlos Jiménez, Yolima Baena, Freddy A. Ramos . Carbohydrate Research Available online 9 March 2018
List 0.13 334x187 chem201705528 fig 0001
2018 02/mar
A Coordination Chemistry Approach to Fine-Tune the Physicochemical Parameters of Lanthanide Complexes Relevant to Medical Applications. Dr. Mariane Le Fur, Enikő Molnár, Dr. Maryline Beyler, Dr. Ferenc K. Kálmán, Olivier Fougère, Dr. David Esteban Gómez, Dr. Olivier Rousseaux, Prof. Raphaël Tripier, Dr. Gyula Tircsó, Dr. Carlos Platas Iglesias. Chemistry, A Europen Journal. Volume 24, Issue 13. March 2, 2018 Pages 3127–3131
List 0.149 1101x619 molecules 23 00479 ag
2018 22/feb
Recognition of AMP, ADP and ATP through Cooperative Binding by Cu(II) and Zn(II) Complexes Containing Urea and/or Phenylboronic Acid Moieties. Israel Carreira Barral, Isabel Fernández Pérez, Marta Mato Iglesias, Andrés de Blas, Carlos Platas Iglesias and David Esteban Gómez. Molecules 2018, 23(2), pp. 479-504
List 0.8 340x191 aquasol
2018 22/feb
A revisited thermal, hydrodynamic, chemical and mechanical model of compacted bentonite for the entire duration of the FEBEX in situ test. Javier Samper, Alba Mon, Luis Montenegro. Applied Clay Science (Article in press)
List 0.1 500x281 ic 2017 02953w 0011
2018 05/feb
Stable and Inert Yttrium(III) Complexes with Pyclen-Based Ligands Bearing Pendant Picolinate Arms: Toward New Pharmaceuticals for β-Radiotherapy. Mariane Le Fur, Maryline Beyler, Enikő Molnár, Olivier Fougère, David Esteban Gómez Gyula Tircsó, Carlos Platas Iglesia, Nicolas Lepareur, Olivier Rousseaux and Raphaël Tripier. Inorgaic Chemistry. 2018, 57 (4), pp 2051–2063
List 238.178 573x322 sin t tulo
2018 02/feb
Can Stereoclusters Separated by Two Methylene Groups Be Related by DFT Studies? The Case of the Cytotoxic Meroditerpenes Halioxepines. Guillermo Tarazona, Gonzalo Benedit, Rogelio Fernández, Marta Pérez, Jaime Rodríguez, Carlos Jiménez, and Carmen Cuevas. Journal of Natural Products, 2018, 81, 343–348
List 322.1 351x197 poc3753 fig 0005
2018 01/feb
Propanolysis of arenesulfonyl chlorides: Nucleophilic substitution at sulfonyl sulfur. Mykyta Iazykov, Moisés Canle, J. Arturo Santaballa and Ludmila Rublova. Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry. Volume 31, Issue 2. February 2018
List 43.0 268x150 get  1
2018 22/ene
Synthesis of bench-stable solid triorganoindium reagents and reactivity in palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions. José M. Gil-Negrete, José Pérez Sestelo and Luis A. Sarandeses. Chemical. Communications. 2018, 54, 1453-1456