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Artículos publicados

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2019 02/dic
Molecular survey of the red algal family Rhodomelaceae (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) in Australia reveals new introduced species. Cristina Piñeiro-Corbeira, Heroen Verbruggen and Pilar Díaz-Tapia. Journal of Applied Phycology (2019)
BIOCOST Índice de Impacto: 2.635 Q1
List 0.0 791x444 1 s2.0 s0304377019302232 gr3
2019 30/oct
Discovery of Flabellia petiolata (Halimedaceae, Chlorophyta) in the southern British Isles: A relict population or a new introduction?. P.Díaz-Tapia, L.Baldock, C.A.Maggs. Aquatic Botany Volume 160, January 2020, 103160
BIOCOST Índice de Impacto: 2.143 Q2
List 93.0 2407x1354 algae 2019 34 3 187f4
2019 30/oct
Alsidium oliveiranum sp. nov. (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta), an overlooked species from the southwestern Atlantic based on morphology and DNA sequence data. Silvia M. P. B. Guimarães, Luanda Pereira Soares, Mutue Toyota Fujii, Pilar Díaz-Tapia. ALGAE. 2019;34 (3): 187-198
BIOCOST Índice de Impacto: 2.156 Q2
List 0.0 500x281 tejp a 1659419 f0005 b
2019 21/oct
Reassessment of the genus Lophurella (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) from Australia and New Zealand reveals four cryptic species. Pilar Díaz-Tapia,Christine A. Maggs,Wendy Nelson,Erasmo C. Macaya & Heroen Verbruggen. European Journal of Phycology, 2019
BIOCOST Índice de Impacto: 2.526 Q1
List 7.26 890x500 captura8
2019 27/ago
Can patch size and patch distance improve the recolonization of mussel‐seed beds exploited for aquaculture?. Sara Barrientos, Rodolfo Barreiro, Mercedes Olmedo & Cristina Piñeiro‐Corbeira. Aquatic Conserv: Mar Freshw Ecosyst. 2019;1–12
BIOCOST Índice de Impacto: 2.935 Q1
List 0.119 806x453 1 s2.0 s1055790319301666 ga1 lrg
2019 05/may
Morphological evolution and classification of the red algal order Ceramiales inferred using plastid phylogenomics. Pilar Díaz-Tapia, Marisa M. Pasella, Heroen Verbruggen & Christine A. Maggs. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Volume 137, August 2019, 76-85
BIOCOST Índice de Impacto: 3.992 Q1
List 12.54 462x260 biocost
2019 07/mar
The phylogenetic position of the morphologically unusual Pleurostichidium falkenbergii (Rhodomelaceae, Rhodophyta) based on plastid phylogenomics. Marisa M. Pasella, Heroen Verbruggen, Wendy A. Nelson, Pilar Díaz-Tapia. Phycologia, 2019
BIOCOST Índice de Impacto: 1.798 Q2
List 0.40 752x423 biocost
2019 26/feb
Culture of the seaweed Ulva ohnoi integrated in a Solea senegalensis recirculating system: influence of light and biomass stocking density on macroalgae productivity. Joan Oca, Javier Cremades, Patricia Jiménez, José Pintado, Ingrid Masaló. Journal of Applied Phycology, 2019
BIOCOST Índice de Impacto: 2.635 Q1
List 6.3 383x215 biocost
2019 14/feb
A molecular and morphological reinvestigation of topotype specimens of Calliblepharis occidentalis (Cystocloniaceae, Rhodophyta). Luanda Pereira Soares, Mutue Toyota Fujii, Pilar Díaz-Tapia, Max H. Hommersand. Phycologia, 2019, 58
BIOCOST Índice de Impacto: 1.976 Q2
List 0.124 179x100 biocost
2019 06/feb
A new hybrid between two alien Helichrysum species (Compositae, Gnaphalieae) from NW Spain. Joan Prunera-Olivé, Mercè Galbany-Casals, Javier Cremades, Jaime Fagúndez. Biological Invasions, 2019
BIOCOST Índice de Impacto: 2.897 Q2